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Thank you to everyone who made our first Z3 Conference at Stephen Wise Temple a success:
Our partner organizations, sponsor organizations, panel and plenary sponsors, and all of our attendees.

Next Steps: What You Can Do Now to Further the Mission of Z3

  1. Vote in the WZO elections

It is critical that our voices are heard and represented in the World Zionist Congress which is the diaspora voice for expenditures of some public money in Israel. At Wise, we encourage a vote for the Reform Slate which includes the ARZA Zionists associations.

  1. Support organizations that promote pluralism.

A range of organizations are devoted to pluralistic ideals and constructive diaspora/Israel relations. Your support is a voice of confidence in their mission and reinforces the Z3 values of diversity, unity, engagement. Of course, your support of the Z3 movement is essential. Learn more at

  1. Keep an open mind for Zionist organizations that have views different from your own
    (and take the time to listen to them, even if you don’t agree).

This is perhaps the most difficult challenge of all. We are passionate about the causes we support and for whom we advocate. When encountering an organization that differs in approach or vision from our own, Z3 values encourage us to offer acceptance as part of the vast range of Zionist, pro-Jewish identity choices that exist in our world.

More About Z3

The United States and Israel represent powerful and vibrant centers of Jewish life and are the primary contributors to the continuing development of the Jewish future. The Zionism 3.0 (Z3) movement reflects this reality by redefining Zionism for the next generation. Z3 conversations ask compelling and transformative questions like: What is the future of the relationship between the communities? How will both assert their independence and interdependence? How can we speak with each other in ways that encourage cooperation and recognition of our differences and alignments? Incredible challenges and opportunities are offered by the creative dynamic of this ongoing relationship.

Wise’s Z3 conference will bring together an eclectic combination of presenters that reflect the uniqueness of Los Angeles. The conference will feature journalists and thought leaders who embody the essence of what it means to be a Zionist Jewish presence in American and Israeli media (online and print). They will speak about the challenges of navigating that territory and how their Jewish identity influences their professions. A second track will engage Jewish actors, producers, and directors to discuss what it means to represent the Jewish communities of Israel and America and how that is reflected in their work. During the course of this day-long conference, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how we can speak to each other across our ideological divides to create stronger even more vibrant Jewish communities in our respective locales.

The Z3 Project, an initiative of the Oshman Family JCC, is committed to creating an ongoing, dynamic forum for opinions and ideas about Diaspora Jewry and Israel.

Learn more about the Z3 project

Opening Plenary Sponsors

Lynn and Les Bider
Jodie and Steve Fishman
Lori and Rob Goodman
Andrea and Glenn Sonnenberg

Panel Sponsors

The Goldfiner Family
Susan and Steven Kay
Shohreh and Peyman Saadat
Julie and Peter Weil

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