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Teen Experiences

Wise Temple Youth (WTY) provides teens with a vast array of opportunities to develop leadership talents, build relationship skills, and help teens discover where they fit socially and spiritually, using engaging and meaningful experiences that are relevant to them now.

Wise Temple Youth (WTY) on Sundays

At the core of our teen opportunities is our WTY on Sundays program. For students in grades 7-12, these gatherings are a chance to hang out and eat, connect with our clergy and educators, and make a difference in their lives and the world in small and bigger ways. Grade 7 meets bi-monthly on Sunday mornings, 8-12 meets monthly on Sunday evenings. Full Calendar can be found here.

Grade 7 WTY

Each week they are here, our learners will move through our “t’fillah bootcamp” – small-group learning to hone their prayer-leading and Torah reading skills, as well as gender-based social-emotional curriculum designed by Moving Traditions, the leader in educational content for Jewish teens and tweens.

Grade 8 WTY

Building on the conversations from grade 7, our grade 8 curriculum will continue to address the current issues and challenges our students face in their daily lives, but through a larger lens of social action and civic responsibility. Students will participate on and off campus in hands-on social action projects.

Grades 9-12 WTY

Join other Wise high school students for a traditional youth group experience to explore teen life, Jewish identity, and social action – all while making connections to Wise peers, educators, and clergy. No two Sundays will be the same and sessions will range from facilitated conversations, to visiting a food bank, to playing broomball, all while making friends, building confidence and learning leadership skills. Grade 12 culminates in a beautiful community Shabbat celebration on Friday, May 1, 2020.

2019-2020 WTY Calendar

Wise Temple Youth (WTY) Events

WTY also provides special opportunities for Jewish teens to interact with their peers from around the United States and the world, providing them with valuable insights into the ways Judaism can influence their lives.

North American Federation of Temple Youth
(Grades 9-12)

Join us during any of our six annual, transformative, teen retreats that partner our teens with Jewish teens from across Southern California and the United States. NFTY will provides teens with sacred opportunities to see where their Judaism can take them as young adults.

TALAVI Partnership

Experience living Judaism as you develop meaningful friendships with Jewish teens across the world. The partnership allows teens to host Jewish students from Tel Aviv, Israel and Vilnius, Lithuania and to travel to each city, giving them an opportunity to see their friends’ Jewish lives up close and personal.

Wise Temple Youth (WTY) Leadership Opportunities

In addition to providing myriad opportunities for peer leadership through our teen programs, WTY also provides many chances for teens to hone their leaderships skills and techniques through regular practice.

Wise Temple Youth (WTY) Board (Grades 8-12)

The WTY Board organizes Jewish teen social events, develops and implements community building programs at WTY on Sundays, and represents WTY at NFTY retreats throughout the year, developing invaluable peer leadership skills and providing meaningful experiences for their fellow teens.

Religious School Madrichim (Grades 9-12)

Participants assist Religious School teachers in the classroom every Sunday morning and meet with their coordinator weekly to develop their teaching skills, discuss classroom experiences, and collaborate on projects. Students receive community service hours or hourly pay.

Camp Wise Counselor-in-Training (Grades 10-12)

In 4 weeks at Camp Wise, teens discover how to design and lead informal educational programs, build and organize teams, and manage junior leaders. This opportunity rewards participants with personal growth, professional development, and 150 community service hours.

Junior Servant-Leader Intern (Grades 10-12)

Teens assist college-age teachers while designing reading, studying, and camping activities for Freedom School, helping children from underserved areas throughout LA develop their academic and social skills. Freedom School gives teens a chance to make a real difference in the lives of children who need it most, while offering lessons in leadership and education.