ACCESSIBILITY: Is Wise Years handicap accessible?
Handicap parking is available close to the Main Sanctuary building. Plotkin Chapel and restrooms are accessible by wheelchair or walker.

PARKING: Where do I park?
On the days we meet, the lower level of the parking structure is reserved for Wise Years attendees. There are no fees for Temple parking.

TRAFFIC: Is traffic a problem?
We have planned Wise Years hours to avoid the worst of rush hour traffic in the morning and afternoon. If the 405 Freeway is crowded, alternate routes are Sepulveda Blvd. to Mulholland. Other alternatives are: from the San Fernando Valley, Havenhurst to CalNeva to Mulholland from Encino or Woodcliff to Mulholland from Sherman Oaks or from the City, Beverly Glen or Roscomare to Mulholland.

FOOD: What’s for lunch?
Try our lunch  buffet catered by Cornucopia.  Lunches will include choices including vegetarian items and the price is a low $10 per person. Or you can bring your own lunch. There are no refrigerators or microwaves available. If you have forgotten lunch, there are vending machines walking distance away on the Temple grounds with items like granola bars and yogurt. Decaf coffee, tea, and ice water are provided for everyone throughout the day.

GUESTS: Can I bring a friend to Wise Years who is not a Stephen Wise Temple member?
Of course, anyone over 60 years of age is welcome. There is a fee of $10 per guest for the day.

MEMBERSHIP FEES: If I am a Stephen Wise Temple member, why is there an additional membership fee for Wise Years?
The Wise Years fee for 8 days of programming from October to May is $18 or $2.25 per meeting. That fee covers the costs of printing, postage, morning snacks, film rentals, and other expenses. Your Temple membership covers the costs associated with use of the facilities including paid staff services. Attendees who are not Temple members pay a Wise Years fee of $36 which covers Wise Years expenses plus use of the facilities.

MEETING ROOM: Where on the Temple campus does Wise Years meet?
You’ll find us in Plotkin Chapel. Enter the Main Sanctuary Building at the far end of the parking lot, turn left from the lobby and follow the hallway to Plotkin Chapel.

SCHEDULE: Can I come for just parts of the program or leave early?
Sure, but out of courtesy to our speakers, please try to arrive at the beginning of their presentations. If you cannot stay through the entire schedule, you can come for just the morning presentations or just the afternoon activities.

SPEAKERS: Who selects the speakers for Wise Years?
The Program Committee currently consists of 10 members who have worked through the summer to follow up on your suggestions and their own research to identify and contact speakers who will be of interest to Wise Years. When you hear a speaker you would like to recommend, please leave a note for the Program Committee in the Wise Years mailbox in the Temple Office.