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Our Guest Speakers

Thursday, October 17

Senior Scam Awareness

Are you getting phony calls from the IRS or Social Security? Would you fall for the “grandparent scam”? Research estimates that older Americans lose $36.5 billion each year to financial scams and abuse. One in every 8 people over 60 will be victimized in any year. Learn about the latest scams aimed at seniors and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim. Our presenter is Alisa Anderson, Bet Tzedek’s Elder Abuse Advocate with over 30 years experience conducting felony criminal investigations. She currently works as an Elder Abuse Advocate as part of Bet Tzedek’s “For the Sake of Our Elders: A Campaign to Fight Elder Abuse in the Jewish Community” which is supported by a generous grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles.

Matzo Balls and Cornbread

This is the story of a 37-year bi-racial marriage told with humor and great affection, expressing the joy of merging the couple’s differences into a life that celebrates both cultures.  Les Wieder is an award-winning theater director and playwright and a retired theater arts college professor.  Tyree Wieder, Ed.D. is President Emeritus of Los Angeles Valley College where she served for 14 years. She was also Chancellor of the Los Angeles Community College District, and President of East Los Angeles College. They have written Matzo Balls and Cornbread about their life together.

Thursday, November 21

The Battle for Beverly Hills: A City’s Independence and the Birth of Celebrity Politics

Southern California-based journalist and writer, Nancie Clare, was an editor at Los Angeles Magazine for 11 years. She will discuss her book that tells a fascinating episode of local history. If you look at a map of Los Angeles, you’ll notice a distinct hole in the middle. That’s Beverly Hills, and there’s a reason it remains an island in the sea of L.A. It’s a tale inextricably linked with the dawn of cinema, the first celebrity couple to reach superstar status enlisting their almost-as-famous friends and using their collective fame for political gain, and the age-old conundrum of California: water.  Stars of the silver screen battled to keep their small city free from the clutches of a rapacious Los Angeles and laid the groundwork for celebrity influence and political power.

New Rituals for A New Age: Finding Meaning in Surprising Places

Some of us remember that “Lifetime of a Jew” class in the religious school curriculum in the 1950’s and 60’s. The big moments were: bris, bar mitzvah, confirmation, marriage, and death. What are the big moments between raising our families, building our careers, and old age. What are the events, occasions, transitions, beginnings, and endings that call out for ritual? How can we create those rituals and make them feel authentic? How might these new rituals not only transform individuals but also our community and its views about growing older? Our presenter will be Rabbi Laura Geller, Rabbi Emerita of Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, co-founder of Chai Village LA, & co-author of Getting Good at Getting Older.

Thursday, December 12

Dream a World Education

The Dream a World Education Foundation shines a light on the value of arts in education. Professional artists provide arts programs to children in early elementary grades, as well as their parents and teachers, in some of the poorest areas of Los Angeles.  We will hear about the work of Dream a World Education and see their Emmy nominated documentary short film, The Ripple Effect, which examines the struggle to keep arts alive for inner city children and reveals the power of arts education to educate the heart and impact schools and communities and the lives of those living in poverty. Our presenters will be Bunny Hull, the Foundation’s Founder and Executive Director as well as a Grammy® award-winning songwriter and vocalist and also Diane Kabat, the first Social Action Director for Stephen Wise Temple who serves as the Foundation’s Board President.

Why I Can’t Quit Journalism

Sandy Banks, Senior Fellow at the USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership & Policy, is best known for twice-weekly Los Angeles Times columns. For over 36 years she offered a personal perspective on social and economic issues of the day – including education, foster care, criminal justice, race, homelessness and mental health – and served as a voice for the ignored, unheard and unknown.  She imagined a life of freedom and literary pursuits when she left the Times almost 4 years ago. We’ll hear how she came to realize that her profession had shaped her in ways that could not be undone: a look at the blessings and burdens of the writing life.