Two remarkable “twinning” programs connect Jewish kids and teens from around the worldwide.
Through a partnership with the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, Wise School and Wise Center for Youth Engagement offer not one but two amazing international exchange programs with students around the world. In a truly unique Wise twist, the CYE branch includes three cities from three countries: Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Vilnus (TALAVI). Earlier in December, Wise School hosted students from El-Harizi School in Tel Aviv; that delegation was immediately followed by teens visiting from Tel Aviv and Vilnius as part of the TALAVI program. All of our visitors had an incredible time checking out LA’s hot spots, learning from their American counterparts, participating in Shabbat and Shabbanukkah services, and making friendships that will last a lifetime. Later this year, our own Wise students will have the opportunity to then visit their new friends in their home countries. It’s all just another amazing way that Wise makes meaning and changes the world on a truly global scale.