Howdy! Ready to rustle up some fun on Sunday? Same here! We can’t wait to see all y’all at the best durn Purim Carnival this side of the Mississippi’! And that’s been scientifically proven!*

(*This has not been scientifically proven. But c’mon. Y’all know it’s true.)

Anyhow, here’s the lowdown on the hoedown throwdown in yo’ town:


Great news, y’all! There will be relaxed parking restrictions up n’ down Casiano Road and its side streets.
You should still obey standard rules: no parking in red zones, in front of fire hydrants, and no blocking driveways or mailboxes.

Accessible parking will be available on the Wise campus (valid placard required). All other guests will park on Casiano Road and side streets with very limited spaces available in American Jewish University Lot #2.

Shuttles will run constantly to and from campus during the carnival.

Our helpful security and parking teams will be available to answer your questions!

Will Call, Y’all

We’re lookin’ forward to a big fun day with a big fun crowd! When you come to our Will Call stations, it’ll help to have your ID and your email confirmation handy. We’ll have yer wristbands and pre-purchased scrip ready as fast a jackrabbit gettin’ home for dinner.

Grand Shalom Opry Schedule

Check out the jamboree! Here’s our performance schedule:

11:00 a.m.: The Beat Buds!
12:30 p.m.: Religious School Choir
12:35 p.m.: Megillah Reading featuring Wise School and Wise Religious School students
12:50 p.m.: The 3-Minute Miracle featuring the Wise clergy
12:55 p.m.: Performance by the cast of Peter Pan

Grub n’ Fixin’s

Scrip for food and beverages is available to purchase at our will-call desk and at special booths: look for the Wise Fargo signs!
You can purchase scrip with all major credit cards, cash, checks, n’ gold nuggets!*
(*JK, please don’t bring gold nuggets. There’s probably some weird tax law thing about that.)

Findin’ Yer Way

We got a map, y’all! Download it ahead of time to yer high-falootin’ phone. We’ll have some handy printed guides for ya, too!

Instagrammin’ and Facebookin’ and Snapchattin’

You best follow us and tag us in yer purty pictures! When you log into Snapchat you may find some filters to fit yer fancy, too.

Instagram@WiseSchoolLA | @StephenWiseTemple | @Wise_CYE

Facebook:  @WiseSchoolLA | @WiseLA | @WiseCYE

And y’all better tag everythin‘ #WildWiseWest!


Yeehaw! The sun’s ultraviolet radiation is no joke. We’re expectin’ a beeeeeyootiful day on Sunday so be sure to apply and reapply that SPF 30.

Pony Rides

Nothing super important to mention here except the ponies can’t wait to meetcha! They told us so.

Need Help? We Can Help Y’all!

On Sunday, you may need some help finding things: take a gander around and you’ll be sure to find a helpful someone wearin’ a “Can I Help Y’all?” tag. Don’t be shy, walk right up and ask ‘em that burnin’ question – we know they can point you the right way.

See you Sunday and CHAG SAMEACH!