Welcome to Wise Religious School, where deep and engaging Jewish learning leads to deep and engaging Jewish living. Our K-7 programs immerse children in rigorous, exciting learning experiences that teach them Jewish traditions, values, and perspectives, helping them discover lives of purpose and meaning. Meanwhile, our family education programs and partnership curriculum extends the classroom into your homes, helping parents and children to live Jewish moments together. Wise Religious School will be your partner in raising your Jewish children and crafting meaningful Jewish family life. Welcome home to Wise.

B’shalom u’B’ahavah,
Rabbi Josh Knobel, Director of the Center for Youth Engagement

Why Jewish Education?

Jewish education doesn’t just help us become better Jews, it makes us healthier, happier, and more successful, too. Click here to learn more.

Why Wise?

Our faculty use the latest developments in the field of education to inspire children to embrace lives guided by Jewish traditions, values, and history. Click here for more.

Our Team

Meet the team of skilled professionals that bring Judaism to life for children and parents each week at Wise Religious School. Click here to learn more.

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