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For the multi-function copiers/printers:

Users have the ability to scan to email, if you need help being added to the favorite list for your nearest location please notify IT. Scanning to email can only be done for up to a certain number of pages, so if it’s a big document it may need to either be put on a flash drive or for Elementary School purposes only bring the document to the lovely Cecilia Nguyen to be scanned.

For further help on this email support@wisela.org first and call the hotline ext. 2220

For each department the majority of staff already had all their printers added, but if you haven’t here are instructions for how to add the printers!

To add a printer for PC Windows 7/Windows 10:

  1. On your keyboard hit the combination of  windows + r  to get the run box to appear
  2. In the run box type ‘\\ps1’ and hit enter (without the quotes)
  3. A printer window will appear — right click on the printer you want based on the name/location and choose ‘connect’

If any further help is required please contact the IT Department by FIRST submitting an email ticket to support@wisela.org and calling the hotline ext. 2220


Contact IT, it’s a slightly more complicated process, however we will be simplifying it and sending out a new email regarding the process soon

Email support@wisela.org first and call the hotline ext. 2220

New Machines:

Wise AP B400
EC Admin C8055
ES Copy Room C8055
Wise Catering B400
ES Library C405
Wise HR C405
Wise Admin C8035
EC Pool B8055
Wise Clergy C405
ES Admin C8055
Wise Catering B7035
CYE C8055
ES Tyberg C8055
Wise Facilities C8055
Wise Copy Room C70
ES Athletics B400
EC Room 13 B400
EC Room 2 B400
ES Room 30 B400
ES Room 36 B400
ES Room 41 B400
ES Room 43 B400
ES Room 46 B400
Melton Room 53 B400
Melton Room 54 B400
ES Room 67 B400
ES Room 6 B400
EC Room 8 B400
ES Science B400
ES Copy Room D110
ES Copy Room Fiery