What makes us “holy?”

The commandment to guard and observe Shabbat is a central core value of Judaism. God made Shabbat holy and through it we sanctify ourselves and our lives. Celebrating Shabbat makes us closer to God by using the model of creation as the paradigm for our lives.

“More than Israel has kept Shabbat, the Shabbat has kept Israel.” (Achad Ha-Am, circa 1910)

ואהבת לרעך כמוך

“Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Rabbi Akiba said “this is the great principle of the Torah.” (Second century of the common era)

These prescriptions for living a holy life will bring us the wellness of a life blessed through sanctity.

22nd day of the counting of Omer. 27 days till the Festival of Shavuot.

— Cantor Nathan Lam

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Friday, May 1
8:30 a.m. | Music and Meditation with Rabbi Yoshi | Watch on Facebook  
9:15 a.m. | Wise School Shabbat Services | 
Watch on Facebook
10:15 a.m. | Early Childhood Shabbat Services | Watch on Facebook
5:30 p.m. | Shabbat Virtual Nosh | Register
6:15 p.m. | Shabbat Services | Watch on Facebook
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Saturday, May 2
9 a.m. | Torah Study | Register
10 a.m. | Tot Shabbat | Watch on Facebook
10 a.m. | Shabbat Morning Services | 
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7:30 p.m. | Havdalah | Watch on Facebook

Sunday, May 3
8:30 a.m. | Morning Blessing with Rabbi Sari | Watch on Facebook
5 p.m. | Happy Hour with Cantor Lam | Register
7 p.m. | Daily Healing Blessing | Watch on Facebook

Monday, May 4
8:30 a.m. | Morning Blessing with Rabbi Sari | Watch on Facebook
9 a.m. | Bible Study with Rabbi Ron Stern | Register
10:15 a.m. | The Ten Commandments with Rabbi Woznica | Register
4:30 p.m. | Weekly Wisdom with Rabbi Woznica | Register
7 p.m. | Daily Healing Blessing | Watch on Facebook


We remember with love those who died in recent days and weeks:
Moselle Amron, David Cohen, Louis W. Feld, Sonia Kashani

We observe the yahrzeits of:
Pauline Adler*, Albert Barbibay*, Irving J. Berkman*, Bertha Chamie Bloom*, Julius Bovill*, Anna Brown*, Helen Brucker*, David Burman*, Abraham Cohen*, Myron Barnett Du Bow*, Lewis Felixson*, Albert Fineberg*, Solomon Fuchs*, Alfrieda Goldwyn*, Bessie Goodman*, Jack Haskin*, Israel Joelson, William Jacobs*, Albert Korngute*, Eva Kramer*, Ellen Lange*, Lynton Basil Levin, Kenneth Morrison, Hildegard Pinkus*, Richard Rapoport*, Stella Reiss*, Sara Hoffman Ross*, Frances  Sackler*, Rae F. Sacks*, Mansour Salamati, Sam Schneider*, David Sessin*, Sondra Shames*, Nat Sherman, Rose L. Solovey*, Abraham Wallach*, Freda Walton*, Alfred Weingarten, Eva Williams*, Firouz Naim Yasharal, Bertha Yavitz*, Maurice (Mickey) Weiss, Leon Zylberstajn*

*Designated on our memorial walls

We reach out as a community and offer our support and deepest sympathy:
Julie and Jamshid Beroukhim on the loss of Julie’s mother Sonia Kashani, grandmother to Tatiana and Shawn Ghodsian, Patricia and Jian Torkan, Alexander Moradi.   





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