An Invitation to Study Together: The Ten Commandments
Mondays 10:15–10:55 a.m. with Rabbi David Woznica

They are the greatest and most revolutionary phrases and set of ideals in history.  The Ten Commandments are a Jewish gift to the world. Can you name all ten? Don’t feel badly if you are not successful. Few people are. Most leave out the third, the seventh, and almost always the ninth. We’ll begin our study next Monday, March 30, and while I generally do not make promises, I believe that our collective study will change your life ethically, intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally.

These words have shaped humanity. This is an invitation to have them shape your life. With enthusiasm, I look forward to seeing you next week.

Rabbi Woznica’s class will be listed next Monday in our daily Eyes on Wise. The link to video and  will be provided. Please also check our web site at


Concrete Ways You Can Help During This Crisis
by Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback

Our tradition teaches that, in times of crisis, our people do not sit back and pray for a miracle. We instead do everything we can to make the situation better for ourselves, our families, our community, and our world. And right now there are concrete things we can do in this moment of crisis.

1.  There is a shortage of masks at local hospitals. Masks are critical to protecting doctors and nurses, who will in turn protect us. If you have masks at home, perhaps that you purchased after the fires, now is the time to donate them. Keep one or two for your own peace of mind if you need to. But if you have ten, donate eight of them. It will save lives. We have set up a bin outside of the entrance of the Wise administrative offices (in “the circle”) for you to drop them off. The campus will be open Monday–Friday from 8 a.m.–3 p.m. One of the doctors in our congregation will then deliver them to local hospitals.


In what feels remarkably prescient, the Babylonian Talmud quotes a more ancient text, known as the Wisdom of Ben Sira. Teaching about fear and worry, Ben Sira states: Prevent a crowd from inside your house, do not let many people enter, and do not even bring all your friends into your house. Make sure, however, that a crowd seeks your welfare…

I have been consistently thankful that I live in a time of virtual connection; even as we are told to hunker down and stay home, I can—in defiance of Ben Sira, but in the spirit of the Governor’s orders—invite a crowd into my home. I am moved—sometimes to tears—by the efforts of our Wise School teachers to bring my children together on Zoom; I am equally touched by the faces and comments that pop up on various moments of Facebook Live.

We hope you will continue to join us, that you will know that you can—at the touch of a button—have a crowded house, and that—above all, being a part of Wise means that there is a crowd seeking your welfare.

— Rabbi Sari Laufer

Show Us How You Share Wise Online

Over the past week, we’ve been so excited to see how many of you have been Zooming, Facebooking, Instagramming, Tweeting, and YouTubing with us! Thank you for posting, for tagging, and for sharing.

Now, we’re asking you to share your photos and videos with us to showcase how you’re interacting with Wise Online. Here are just some ideas! We welcome your creativity in showing us how you’re participating:

  • Take a photo of your family lighting candles with the Wise community
  • Record a video of your little ones singing along with Shabbat services
  • Snap a selfie of yourself studying with us online during a Zoom session
  • And then share it here. You may see your photo or video in an upcoming gallery or video!


This schedule is subject to change. Make sure that you join our Facebook page for instant notifications when we go live and bookmark as well.

Thursday, March 26
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Friday, March 27
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This Week’s Torah Portion: Vayikra

Saturday, March 28
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Sunday, March 29
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Wise’s Center for Jewish Life has been programming intellectually stimulating evenings with movers, shakers, and thought-leaders for well over a decade. Rabbi David Woznica has brought an impressive and diverse array of speakers together for lectures, dialogues, and panel discussions. 

Visit as we continue to post lectures and dialogues from our archives. 


Elie Wiesel and Governor Mario Cuomo in Dialogue with Rabbi David Woznica
“God: Personal Thoughts” | April 18, 2002

Today’s selection comes via our friends at the 92nd Street Y in New York. In 2002 Rabbi David Woznica was invited to return to his old home and organization for this memorable evening. In addition to a filled concert hall, It was broadcast by satellite around the United States. “While these extraordinary men are no longer with us,” reflects Rabbi Woznica, “their insights, candor and depth remain with me to this day.”


Lam Music and Media Center: Listen and Watch Online

Stephen Wise Temple has been a pioneer of commissioning, recording, and evolving Jewish music for nearly half a century. The Lam Music and Media Center creates, digitizes, and shares Wise’s innovative music, cultural, and educational programming with the world. We invite you to explore the beautiful history of Wise music and Wise performances on our web site. Listen to recent albums, longtime favorites, and share the rich tradition of Wise’s music with family and friends.


Wise Emergency Relief Fund
As the impact of the spread of the coronavirus continues to develop, Wise is preparing to meet the emerging needs of our community. We anticipate that some members of our community will face dire circumstances and require emergency assistance. To that end, your Wise clergy have established a dedicated emergency fund to receive donations from those who would like to ensure that we can assist those who are most in need. Disbursements from this fund will be at clergy discretion and respect confidentiality as we provide assistance to those who need aid most. Every single dollar donated will be used to help those in need during this difficult time, both Wise congregants and those beyond our immediate community.
DONATE HERE (select Emergency Relief Donation)

Connecting to Wise for Support
Wise has set up an email address for those in need of support or who are willing to offer support to others. Please feel free to email us if you are in need and our task force will work with you. We are also seeking ways in which you’d like to help others.

Visit the Wise Center for Tikkun Olam web site for ways you can help during this crisis.


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    • This page is the hub for all online activities: live services, recorded services, live teaching, recorded teaching, podcasts, and program archives (e.g. Center for Jewish Life events)
  • Institute for Jewish Spirituality
    • Jewish tradition offers rich, accessible, and time-tested resources to cope with moments like these. The Institute for Jewish Spirituality, which has pioneered the development and teaching of Jewish mindfulness practices for over 20 years, offers Torah study, mindfulness, meditation, and more.

You will find a number of ways you can connect with us this week, with more to come. Look for us on Facebook Live and on our web site, and join us for song, prayer, and learning each and every day.

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We remember with love those who died in recent days and weeks:
Jerry Joseph, Ralph Loeff, Gretchen Plotkin, Arastou Saleh, Monique Senin, Barbara Catch Solnit

We observe the yahrzeits of:
Harry Bush, Lyn Camhi, Rose Cohn*, Harry Cutler*, Samuel H. Deutsch*, Sam Faber*, Jacob J. Gilbert*, Morris Glassman*, Meyer N. Gratz*, Helen Greenwald*, Farahnik Habib, Morris Hammer*, Manning Holoff*, Isadore Kahn, Mark L. Karp, MD Gilbert Klein, Sylvia Kolodny, Charles Kossman*, Mary Mika Kretschmer*, Anne H. Kusnitz*, Jerry M. Lewis*, Samuel Liebert*, Robert Lustgarten, Jesse Luxenberg*, Leo Marantz*, Andrew Markoff, Elliott Markoff, Estelle Masket*, David Modlin, Lora L. Morris*, Rita Lee Sigmond*, Shirley Esther Simon*, Pearl A. Skoll*, Jacob Sloan*, George Sookman*, Joel L. Szasz*, James Trepeck*, Pearl Wolff*

*Designated on our memorial walls


We honor our loved ones, our family simchas, and our communal losses through charitable giving. To give in honor or in memory of a cherished family member or dear friend, please visit

Albert and Barbara Solnit, by Robert Arkin and Lori Cohn Arkin

Dr. Mark L. Karp MD, by Doreen, Donald, and The Nortman Family

Robert Lustgarten, by Margie Marenus

Gretchen Plotkin, by Robert Arkin and Lori Cohn Arkin
Harry Bush, by Robert, Arlene, and Robi Bush

Gretchen Plotkin, by Neil and Carol Goldberg

Gretchen Plotkin, by Virginia Smith

Lyn Camhi, by Ronnie and Michael Kassan

Cantor Nathan and Donna Lam, on 50 years together, by Jack and Miriam Pitson

Elliot Markoff and Andrew Markoff, by Carole Markoff
Gretchen Plotkin, by Jules and Diane Kabat

Gretchen Plotkin, by Stephen Kay and Susan Bloch-Kay

Sylvia Kolodny, by Shirley Ashkenas, Sharon, Erin, and Sara Fabian
Isadore Kahn, by Ellen, Buddy, Adam, and Lisa Dortman
Anne H. Kusnitz and Shirley E. Simon, by Harriet and Myron Kusnitz





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