Message from the President

The Wise Way Forward

As we begin a new secular year, I am filled with energy and enthusiasm as we look forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead of us in 2019.

It is a constant inspiration to observe and learn from our Senior Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback, our Head of School Tami Weiser, our Wise Clergy team, professional staff and, of course, the very talented and committed lay leaders of our community. There is immense collaboration and focus to achieve our strategic vision as we embrace our three core values of inclusivity, creativity, and generosity.

Through our sacred partnership, we are planning programs that embody these values and provide great opportunities for our community to fulfill all of our spiritual and learning needs. We have many inclusive ways that our members and guests can build lasting friendships; nurture their souls; and participate in tikkun olam and community initiatives within and beyond our sacred space.

Most importantly, we are grateful for your membership and steadfast commitment to our special community. Many of us also express our generosity by supporting our Annual Campaign, Wise School Annual Giving, and our Capital Campaign. We value and appreciate each and every one of our members and donors.

Expression of creativity is integral to everything we do. Enormous strides have been made in our communications and technology to ensure that our reach is wide, engaging, and always current.

One of our most creative, inclusive, and generous new developments for the coming year will be the transformation of our Early Childhood education program at Wise. We are so honored and grateful for the generous matching gift we have received from the Lowell Milken Family Foundation and we are excited to begin the architectural and programmatic planning for this sstate-of-the-art facility!

As President, it is my priority to continue to facilitate and encourage creative thinking among all our leadership to find ways to increase involvement, always making sure that Stephen Wise Temple and Schools add value to all our lives. We will make every effort to deliver outstanding programs and an educational philosophy and curriculum that ensures the Jewish future.

We are so blessed to be a part of this institution that truly walks the walk and strives to “make meaning and change the world” each and every day.

Please email me with any comments, suggestions, or ways you’d like to get involved. We welcome you all!

With gratitude,

Janine KolodnyPresident

Board of Directors
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Janine Kolodny, President
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