Housing the Homeless:
Dinner with Tommy Newman, Director of Public Affairs for the United Way

Friday, May 24 | 7:30 p.m.

Join Tommy Newman, Director of Public Affairs for the United Way’s “Everyone In” campaign for a Shabbat dinner to discuss the United Way’s role as the coordinator of L.A.’s comprehensive response to homelessness. These initiatives include prevention strategies, support for subsidized housing, construction of affordable housing, bridge and permanent supportive housing, and management of services for the homeless. This is the most important step that moves L.A. towards a coordinated and comprehensive approach to dealing with housing for the homeless in the community.



About our Housing the Homeless Series:

How is LA housing the homeless in your neighborhood? With over 50,000 homeless citizens on the streets of Los Angeles the voters of our city and county have made the decision to get a significant number of them safely housed in the next several years. Money has been allocated and plans are underway throughout the city to develop a variety of housing alternatives. Every city council district is committed to providing units. How will these decisions effect you?

Wise will host a special series to answer questions that you might have about the housing options being considered. Homelessness housing specialists, city councilmembers or their representatives, as well as other experts will share information and answer your questions. Providing key legislators and organizers the sense of the community’s concerns will help guide them in their efforts and promote cooperation and support from all neighborhoods.

As Jews we are called upon to “clothe the naked” and “to take the poor into our homes.” We must seek constructive solutions for the homelessness that affects our communities.