Wise Religious School

Wise Religious School provides students with meaningful Jewish experiences that are engaging, purposeful, and life relevant.

The Religious School at Stephen Wise Temple is where the paths to living and doing Judaism intersect in exciting, innovative, and creative ways. Our doors are always open and you are always welcome.


The Religious School is relentless in the quest to inspire students to love and live in accordance with Jewish values, promoting in them a strong sense of self, community, and connection to the Jewish people, language, and State of Israel.


Student Life

We are proud to create an inclusive environment that welcomes families of all backgrounds who share our passion and love for Jewish living, learning, and values.

Beginning in 3rd grade, all students are invited to participate in our phenomenal youth programs that bridge the Religious School, Camp Wise, and Wise School communities.



If you spend any time at Stephen Wise Temple, you will know that Hebrew is central to who we are; it helps us access the texts and prayers of our ancient faith, and connects us to Jews all over the modern world and in Israel. At Wise Religious School, we value and prioritize Hebrew learning, and we strive to create an atmosphere in which Hebrew permeates the space: from our t’fillah (prayer), where learners gain familiarity with our Reform liturgy, to music and art, and our classroom learning, Hebrew is not just what we learn, it is part of who we are. Hebrew instruction begins on day 1 and is present in our celebration of holidays, prayers and songs; it is part of everyday classroom vocabulary, and it is a focus of structured classroom education.


Family Education

We believe there is no substitution for shared Jewish family experiences. Our ultimate goal in the creation of our programs is to provide our families with the knowledge, tools, and skills enabling them to continue their Jewish learning and deepen their Jewish experiences at home. All of our family programs have been created in an attempt to attain this end. A secondary goal of our programming is to utilize this time to help build a stronger community by providing the social structure for our families to come together. We have a family educator on staff who is dedicated to this task ensuring our programs remain relevant and meaningful to the dynamic world of our students and families.



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