2017-18 Annual Campaign Honor Roll

To learn more contact Jessica Lebovits, Director of Development, at 310.889.2276 or by email at JLebovits@WiseLA.org.

Visionary ($25,000+)

Steven and Jodie Fishman

Michael and Lori Milken

Edward and Deena Nahmias


Pillar ($10,000-$24,999)

Alan and Ann Barton

Andrew and Marci Berman

Les and Lynn Bider

Roger Brossy and Rona Elliot

Barry and Andrea Cayton

Rick and Emily Corleto

Maxine Dunitz

Lawrence Field

Glenn and Carin Freeman

Rob and Lori Goodman

Bill and Ro Handy

Donald and Sally Jones

Rachel Kaganoff Stern and Eric Stern

Nort and Loretta Karno

Ron Katz

Todd and Dana Katz

Rick and Jodi Kirkbride

Richard and Janine Kolodny

Michael and Corie Koss

Joel and Barbara Marcus

Mel and Susan Plutsky

Sam and Ann Rubinfeld

Michael and Sussan Shore

Glenn and Andrea Sonnenberg


Wise Circle ($5,000-$9,999)

Jon and Susan Berger

Dan and Hilda Bergher

Steve Fogel

Roger and Linda Friedman

Marc and Debi Graboff

Paul and Vera Guerin

Jerry and Rosalind Joseph

Michael and Ronnie Kassan

Victor and Loretta Kaufman

Terry and Gentille Koosed

Paul and Joyce Krasnow

Chet and Alison Kronenberg

Larry and Nancy Levitt

Stu and Sandra Newmark

Franklin and Judith Niver

Jeff and Linda Resnick

Allen and Nancy Satenberg

Rabbi Ron Stern and Becky Sobelman-Stern


Chai Benefactor ($3,600-$4,999)

Mark and Penny Berns

Irene and Yoni Boujo

Scott and Dana Ehrlich

Jaime and Susie Gesundheit

Cliff and Marcie Goldstein

Dorothy Goren

Larry and Ginny Gotlieb

Andrea and Joseph Greenberg

Neal Hersh and Lynda Klein Hersh

Jeff and Stephanie Jacobs

Eric Klein and Susan Donner

Lloyd and Sonia Levitin

Jeff and AnnDee Levy

Marty and Evy Lutin

Robert and Farnaz Neman

Ira and Robin Pianko

David and Julie Schwarz

Brad and Julie Shames

Michael Steinberg and Eve Kurtin-Steinberg

Michael and Linda Wachtell

Richard and Cathy Walter

Douglas and Felice Williams

Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback and Jacqueline Hantgan


Patron ($3,000-$3,599)

Jerald and Sheryl Einziger

Bea Fisher

Ron and Gloria Gurvitz

Tod and Marion Hindin

Arthur and Ginny Kahn

Myron and Harriet Kusnitz

Ariel and Jennifer Lechter

James Leewong and Laurie Glickman

David and Cindy Pasternak

Richard Rosman and Fran Morris-Rosman

Ian Russ and Aviva Bobb

Lee Silver

David and Marilyn Williams


Sponsor ($1,800-$2,999)

Laurie Ackerman

Richard and Linda Adler

Harvey and Laura Alpert

Arnold and Hope Anisgarten

Richard and Terrie Baumann

Paul and Suzanne Berman

Mitchell and Bonnie Bloom

Ray Borun

Steve and Julie Bram

Warren Breslow and Gail Buchalter

Gray Davis and Sharon Ryer Davis

Jon and Susan Dolgen

Yoram and Ofra Dor

Marvin and Harriet Fink

Jila Ghodsian

Gary and Cherna Gitnick

Bruce and Susie Goren

Paul and Renee Haas

Kamran and Jila Hekmat

Richard and Jeanne Hersh

Rand and Judy Holston

Edward and Carol Horowitz

Lilian Jensen-Tabibian and B. Sam Tabibian

Jules and Diane Kabat

Janice and Robert Kahlenberg

Andy and Ellen Kaplan

Bart and Roberta Kaufman

Stephen Kay and Susan Bloch-Kay

Moses and DeDe Lebovits

Barry and Wendy Levin

Shelly and Donald Levy

Steven and Mickey Lewis

Scott and Debbie Liebert

Linda Linden

Henry Lipson

Ruben and Chele Marmet

Freda Moscowitz

Deborah and Robert Myman

Fred and Wendy Ordower

Gerald Otelsberg

Marvin and Irene Perer

Michael and Cynthia Persky

Frank Pinkus

Frank Ponder and Helen Randall

Edward and Ellen Reisman

Ron and Laurie Resch

Shirley Rosenberg

Dan and Linda Rosenson

Linda and David Salzman

Lenny and Corrine Sands

Michael and Elisa Schenkman

Bryan and Melanie Scher

David Schiff

Marc and Jodi Schwartz

Robert and Debbee Schwartz

Errol and Marilyn Segal

Richard and Rose Sheinfeld

Sandy and Cindy Sigal

Jake Smith and Brett Kassan Smith

Marilyn Spencer

Sharon Spira-Cushnir and Andrew Cushnir

Karen Stern

Arthur and Nancy Tesser

Richard and Billie Udko

Michael and Terry Webster

Phil and Jodi Werbin

Michael and Jane Winston

Philip and Anita Wolman

Leslie Wright

Faramarz Yousefzadeh

Isaiah Zeldin


Supporter ($1,000-$1,799)

Fred and Desiree Afari

Aaron and Susan Amster

Barry and Linda Baum

Marty and Stacey Cohan

Cary and Marsha Cooper

Sheryl Cooper

Hugo and Isabel de Castro

Peter and Bobbi Feinstein

Charlie and Joan Fox

Jack Freedman and Patricia Herskovic

Eleanora Goodwein

Philip and Linda Greenwald

Jackie Harrell

Maria Herskovic

Joan Isaacs

Mehran Khorsandi and Guita Balakhane

Alvin and Nancy Klein

Abbey and Candace Konowitch

Mitchell and Stacy Leib

Marty and Sally Levine

Sid Lyons

Ronald and Annette Massman

Shahrokh and Linda Mokhtarzadeh

Nancy Norris

Ed Prober

Warren and Rose Reid

Jose and Lillie Reines

Howard and Carol Rosen

Lee and Linda Rosenberg

Howard and Kerri Steinberg

Charles and Terri Stern

Cheryl and David Stern

Steven and Ilyse Teller

Stan and Audri Tendler

John and Sherry West

Harris and Lorraine Zeidler

Michael Zeldin and Terry Gock


Contributor ($500-$999)

Richard and Barbara Ackerman

Bernard Adler and Adrienne Milder

Melinda Ahdoot

Raphael and Yvonne Bahremand

Arnold and Barbara Barron

Behzad and Niloufar Binafard

Arnold and Sherrill Blumberg

Scott Chaplan

Kami and Sherly Daneshgar

Alfred Estolonio

Gary and Sheryl Fidler

Michael and Cindy Fradin

William and Adena Frank

Dan and Jody Furie

Jay and Arlene Goldfarb

Martin and Carol Goldman

Lionell and Robin Greenberg

Ron and Carolyn Greitzer

Chad Gutstein

Ira Handelman

Sally Hanes

Gail Kamer-Lieberfarb and Warren Lieberfarb

Michael and Marla Kantor

Sandra Kaplan

Pejman and Linda Katiraei

Harvey Keys

Stan Klein

Kenneth and Roberta Lloyd

Marjorie Markus and Scott Friedman

Jack and Valerie Melmed

Mike and Jodi Mooney

Cynthia Neiman

Greg Newman and Paige Levy

Farid and Dory Novian

Fred and Mona Oken

Allen Orbuch

Kenneth and Sheryl Pressberg

Lawrence and Michelle Richman

Jeremy Rosen and Jodi Kruger

Abe and Susan Sassoon

Rita and Sam Schwartz

Robin Shaw Anderson

Hamid Shoohed

Howard and Denise Simon

Warren and Julie Stein

Lana Sternberg

David and Robin Swartz

Carol Vinstein

Howard Walter

Steve and Linda Wasserman

John D and Beth Wilson

Ebrahim and Soheila Younesi

Marvin and Judy Zeidler


Friend ($180-$499)

Dany and Larysa Akhavan

Brian Altman

Moise Arastoozad

Daniel and Haleh Banayan

Bob and Denise Barta

Robert Bauer and Stacy Alexander Bauer

Victor and Anngel Benoun

Joel and Francine Berger

Alan Bergman

Shahab and Azadeh Binafard

Aviva Carmy

Bernard Chester

Paul and Stacey Cohen

Andrew and Jill Cohen

Brian Cohen and Randy Levin-Cohen

Laurie E. Crasnick

Mitzie Cutler

Harold and Roberta Delevie

Elaine Deutsch

Alana and Jonathan Dintzer

Robert and Lauran Engel

Allan and Karen Entous

Beryl and Carole Farfel

Alan and Sandra Finkel

Warren and Joyce Fox

David and Susan Friedman

Karen Furie

Mehran and Azita Gabbay

Ariel and Karen Goldenstein

Alan and Barbara Goodman

Ben and Shayla Gordon

Eric and Randy Gordon

Sheera Goren

Meyer Gottlieb

Linda Habif

Kevin and Sari Hoban

Neil and Raisa Howard

Stephen Kahane and Janet Wells-Kahane

Frank and Ann-Rose Kaplan

Keith Kaplan

Phillip and Nina Kass

Edna and Jonathan Kayvan

Walter Klein

Brian Kluft

Nancy Koven

Bryan and Eileen Kravetz

Christopher and Joan Larkin

Les and Cynthia Lederer

Jack and Lili Lenack

Phoebe Lerner

Nina Leung

Benjamin and Karen Levine

Sheldon and Rachelle Lewenfus

Jessica Lewis and Sabrina Beldner

Michael and Lily Malick

Hilary Markus

Eli and Nava Marmur

Steven Meyer

Jake Milken

Ron and Ingrid Milkes

John Miller

Steven and Lisa Mirman

Jeff Muncy and Sadaf Cohen Muncy

John and Annette Nemandoust

Patricia Ogden

Douglas and Nicole Oswell

Jack and Miriam Pitson

Rick and Debi Polisky

Suzanne Ponder

Mark and Betsara Rabin

Leonard and Leslie Reid

Seth and Audrey Rosen

Gail Rosenblum

Martin and Bonnie Rosenthal

Gary and Shellie Ross

Juliet Rozsa

Lori Rubin

Oscar and Allison Rudnick

Edward Saltzberg

Carl and Carol Samrock

Nicolas Scapa

Vadim and Irena Schar

Steve and Sharon Scharkss

Leonard and Tema Schrage

Sohail and Melissa Shayfer

Richard and Susan Shemin

Glenn and Cindy Sherman

Robert and Beverly Shpall

David and Debra Siegel

Ashley Silberfeld

Amanda Smith

Stuart Smith

Ted and Ellen Stein

Joel and Tammy Steinman

Theodore and Judy Stolman

Lawrence and Monica Stone

Beth Ann Styne-Schell

Victor and Mariya Svilik

Fred and Lesley Szkolnik

Joshua Thompson and Jennifer Resnick

Lawrence and Jill Toomin

Moshe and Gabrielle Tsabag

Juan and Rosita Tyberg

Andrew Wilson

Kourosh and Farnaz Yashar

Gerald and Caroline Zack

Sabrina Zuckerman


Community Gifts

Judith Abo

Helen Adelberg

Edith and Neal Adler

Natalia Bader

Brenden and Charles Banfield

Bob Bienenfeld

Eric Billitzer

Mrs. Sonia Bordo

Maxine and George Brenner

Elinor Caplan

Barbara Charles

Richard and Sally Close

Miriam Cohen-Sitt

Norma A. Cooper

Roman Dardashti and Marjan Rafeii

Cathy DeRoy

Yaniv Dotan

Sam Elias and David Clark

Farshad and Rosita Feizbakhsh

Evaline Fishman and Sid Jenkins

Adam and Jessica Frank

Richard and Susie Friedman

David Garber

Herbert and Linda Garfinkel

Ina and Bill Gelfound

David and Sandy Ginsberg

Elaine Glass

Pearl Glick

Jeff and Meryl Goldfarb-Paull

Beverly Graboff

Francisca Greenberg

Ted and Annie Haas

William Hellman

Jeffrey and Sherre Hirsch

Susan Hochstein

Sofia Ianovskaia

Richard and Amy Karz

Sindy and Mickey Kessler

Gavin and Devon Kliger

Ariel and Gloria “Jenny” Kopelioff

Beryl Kopple

Susan Levin

Doug and Jana Levy

Isaac and Barbara Levy

Edythe Lipen

Marvin Lucas

Larry and Carol Mann

Lawrence Manners

Carole Markoff

Sepehr Melamed

Kami and Arezoo Merabi

Beverly Moline

Lillian Mylon

Sandra Novicoff

David and Michelle Podemski

Seema  Pollack

Charles and Isabel Rosenbaum

Harry Roth

Michael and Sharon Roth

Caroline Russ

Benjamin Salzman

Shelly Samborsky

Gloria Schwartz

Ruth Seigel

Roman Shain

Philip and Elaine Shapiro

Ellen Shumsky

Robert and Renee Siragusa

Mark and Marcia Smith

Sandra Smokler

Robert Somers and Vicki Fisher Magasinn

Dariush Soofer

Aviva Spann

Mark and Suzy Spitz

Natalie and Reuven Stern

Adele Stoller

Julie Sugino

Edward and Miriam Sweeney

Daniel and Lidia Turner

Cookie Valente

Norm and Lorraine Varnen

Jody E. Walker

Sylvia Ward

Melissa Weiner and Adam Feldman

Anthony Werbin

Michelle and Adam Wright

Michele Zwillinger